Superblock Profile

Century Park brings together striking buildings, inspiring art, destination dining, health and wellness and an expansive sense of space in a single, signature address.

Century Park – Tomorrow happens here and now

Here, where stars once congregated on the grand 20th Century Fox movie lot, today’s 21st Century business leaders, artists, cultural icons, and culinary stars are still converging—drawn to this destination and to each other’s—
future forward company.

2000 Avenue of the Stars – Visionary by design

2000 Avenue of the Stars embodies the sophistication of the Westside. Designed by Gensler, the building seamlessly integrates inside and out, making it a modern architectural masterpiece. A dynamic commercial destination, 2000 Avenue of the Stars is an innovative synthesis of steel, glass and sustainable landscape that welcomes you to the most prestigious address known to influencers and industry leaders from around the globe.

Century Plaza Towers – Stature sets you apart

Century Plaza Towers is home to dynamic companies and world-renowned professional firms. Its timeless design continues to be re-imagined; reflecting a strength that corporations seek for their prestigious office address. Create your own distinctive interior space and enjoy panoramic views from the mountains to the ocean.

2000 Avenue of the Stars and Century Plaza Towers – alongside destination dining, the Promenade of Cafes, Annenberg Space for Photography and a four-acre, sustainably landscaped centerpiece park – are Century Park. Together, an award-winning destination redefining this city-within-a city.